5 Products I Never Knew I Needed

  1. Noise Cancelling Headphones

I scoffed at my husband when he came home from a business trip with a pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones. I thought they were a luxury item and completely unnecessary, until I used them. I have since seized ownership of them because I use them EVERYDAY. I never realized how triggered I get at the sound of my kids screaming, whether they are playing or just crying like young toddlers do. When I wear the headphones while cleaning or cooking I am able to focus, which is something I didn’t know I could do previously because screaming kids and loud toys. With these magical headphones I become patient Mama and can actually reason because my mind is cleared of audible distractions.

  1. Birthing/Exercise Ball

I originally got a birthing ball for my first pregnancy which I used to sit on at work during the last few weeks of pregnancy. I’d roll my hips around in hopes to give the baby an eviction notice. I also used the ball while in labor at the hospital. I kept that same ball and reused for my second pregnancy. In addition to birthing uses the ball is also great for exercise, I’ve been using it for every ab workout lately.

  1. Collapsible Wagon

This was also my husbands idea. I have used the wagon for years now beginning with my first and now with both my kids. I prefer it over my huge double stroller that is just an inconvenience to lug around. The Radio Flyer collapsible wagon is lightweight, has a detachable sunshade, and I think the kids enjoy it more too. Overall it’s just much easier to use and navigate than my stroller. I have even ridden in it with both my kids on top of me while my husband pulled us around at the fair 😊

  1. Phone Mount for Car

I am strictly against phone use while driving and had always assume that those phone mounts made it easier for people to do so. I bought one for $3 because I was going to be driving a new route and it was too difficult to prop my phone in my cup holder and pay attention to the navigation. The one I purchased worked well for almost 9 months which is good for the price. It just clipped onto the air vent and was easy to glance at while not losing sight of the road for too long. I will eventually purchase a better quality one to replace this one when I no longer sticks to the vent.

  1. Coat Rack for Entryway

Installing a cheap coat rack right in my entrance way has saved my from cluttering up my house every time I walk in the door, which almost always involves me holding a kid, my purse, and whatever clutter I can grab onto when exiting my car. It’s a reliable place to store my purse, keys, and wallet so I never lose them (which I always used to do).