My love-hate relationship with San Diego

I lived in San Diego, CA for four years and, at the time, I absolutely hated it.

  1. I lived on the third floor of a two bedroom apartment where finding a parking space was nearly impossible.
  2. Out of all the time I lived there, I don’t remember seeing the same person twice at the grocery store. There are so many people and everyone always seemed to be in such a rush. I grew up in a town of fewer than 13,000 people.
  3. My fifteen-mile commute took at least thirty minutes and sometimes up to an hour and a half.
  4. The weather was almost always the same. Foggy and a little chilly most mornings and warm and sunny just before noon. It seemed like there were only two seasons: summer and slightly chilly summer.
  5. Everything was always crowded: the beaches, the malls, the grocery stores, the many lakes, everything.

My move from San Diego taught me a very valuable, and very cliche, lesson: the grass is always greener on the other side. This was my first home away from home and boy was I spoiled.

Ironically, I love San Diego and I miss it so much. Most of all, I miss the food; sushi, Korean BBQ, Thai food, ramen, pretty much all restaurants on Convoy Street. There was always something to do, from the small neighborhood events to Padres games and everything in between. I took my son to the Fleet Science Center and Balboa park at least five times while there. I grew up a Giants fan, but man was it fun to root for the Padres after a few Sculpins at beautiful Petco Park. Weekend drives to Julian or Borrego Springs. I definitely did not know a good thing when I had it. There is never a shortage of things to discover there.

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