Don’t reply to that article that pisses you off: use it for motivation

Whether its an ignorant comment on social media or an article that makes you question the sanity of the author, do not reply. There have been numerous instances where I am so passionate about an online argument that I create a response out of anger. Not only do I end up looking back and regretting it, but I also wasted valuable time. How often do you find yourself on Facebook in the comment section of a post by some completely random page arguing with a random stranger? Most comment threads are filled with comments that are just plain rude, its hard not to reply to the trolls. This is the primary reason I deleted my social media, the privacy terms with just the tipping point. I recently read an article which claimed that stay at home moms don’t do nearly as much work as working moms (I’ll hold my opinion on that). Some topics like this infuriate me and I wanted so bad to conjure up a lengthy response, but I didn’t. I used that anger for the rest of the day to accomplish tasks that I would never really get done.  The outcome? I felt amazing. Instead of adding to the cesspool of online garbage, I was able to translate those emotions into beneficial actions (and I didn’t look like an idiot). At the end of the day, does the content online really affect our lives? Only if we let it.

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